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sábado, 12 de marzo de 2011

Study and classification of the reasons purchase

Each man if he is considered a world apart, different from each other not only in its physical aspect, but also in emotional and spiritual sense, a world full of different ideas together, to design different things in mind through the senses, to react to different circumstances and reasons.

The marketers musk now the cluster of these attitudes and behaviors in society and how it affects the marketing of their product so successful, not only with the social, physic, must appeal to reason in favor of getting a positive reaction by the market.

This study of motivation makes special relationship to behavior and consumer behavior, has developed different theories that apply to the study of motivation to purchase:

a) The method of Satisfaction of Needs: this method examines the psychological needs and see how are you set guidelines and patterns of behavior designed to meet those needs

b) Analytical Method: This method assumes that the psychological needs can not be met fully within the boundaries of society. these needs repressed conscious influence needs and behavior of this to satisfy

c) Gestalt Method: the word "Gestalt" means "pattern", mold configuration. Theorist of this method see people act in accordance white a schedule designed for limited purposes, people identify their own needs and follow a conscious way to meet.

These three methods together are useful for understanding consumer needs. The environmental field and deeper features of personality which consist of psychological needs and repressed instinct

The theory of the reference group

The individual´s behavior is influenced by the reference group to which it aspire to belong. Reference group stimulate the individual according to the degree of psychological identification that the individual has whit the group

Classification of consumer buying motive

There are different classification of the reasons of purchase.

1) Grounds of goods: refers to the influence or motive that leads consumer to buy or to choose one product over another is subdivided as follow:

a) Primary Product Reasons: Those who influence a consumer to buy an article of a general type or class of product

b) Selective Reasons: They are the ones that determine what brand of an item will be purchased based on a general class

2) Reasons for Sponsorship: are the considerations that lead a consumer to buy goods a certain place, these considerations are determined by factors such as price, location, closeness, comfort, prestige of the store among others.

3) Emotional Reasons: The reasons of this kind can be very varied an a list of them is of vital importance for the company. These reasons relate to the human aspect of the individual, whose unique features are numerous and also their needs: security, comfort, pride, glamour, individuality, distinction, ambition, power, prestige.

4) Rational Reasons: Refers to the conscious aspect of a purchase, such a price, quality, economy, durability, practicality, flexibility, ergonomics, convenience, physical characteristics such as color, weight, smell, shape, mass and intangible attributes in the purchase as security, support, trust and other

Determine the reasons for consumer purchase is part of the work of the marketer, not the marketing strategy is more than in.